SHEva Jodi

March 2010

I am 41.  If I had been told in High School that I would still be single and childless at age 41, I would have fallen off my chair and stayed there.  I’m lucky to say that I have been in love 4-5 times (not sure exactly how many times, because when you are in your 20′s, do you really know what love is?) and truly-madly-deeply in love twice.  Definitely infatuated to the point of “madly” at least one more time after that.   So, I’ve had my share of relationships, but none that culminated with a wedding ring.  My life is wildly exciting & fun, despite not yet fulfilling “every girl’s dream.”

What do I do with my time instead of tending to a husband and kids?  What DON’T I do!  I live in the Tampa Bay area and there are several major local sports teams within 20 miles of my house.  I am a HUGE sports fan and love football above all.  My sis and I go to all home Buccanneers games, and many Rays baseball games, a few Lightning Hockey games for variety.  (This fall I will host a free Fantasy Football course through this blog, so stay tuned for that.  I will help you win a championship, even if you have no Fantasy Football prowess!  Amaze and impress your friend!)  I also travel A LOT and whimsically.  I love to dance and I always sing out loud in my car.  I don’t care who is looking.  My other single girlfriends and I have so much fun that sometimes I forget to sleep. 

I heart the beach.  My Dermatologist has also finally convinced me to heart SPF 30+.

Yes, I live with my sister.  You will hear a lot about Tonya.  A lot.  We moved to Florida together when we finally had enough of the Michigan weather and were both not tied down with any reason to stay “up North.”  I never understood people who wait to retire to move to a tropical state.  Why?   My sis is the best roommate and friend ever.  I jokingly call her my “common law wife” since we’ve been living together for so long.  She doesn’t like that.

My parents are both re-married to wonderful people and I am very tight with my immediate and extended family!  Family above all else. (See Sis, Moms & Dads featured in the She Cast tab.)

I am looking for a job.  Slowly.  I was a TV Producer in my past career life and recently joined the ranks of the unemployed, giving me more time to develop my Social Media Marketing skills.  I am a University of Michigan Grad (Go Blue!)  and I am sucking it up through the Football “transitional years” and the decade+ of Basketball suckiness.   We will again be The Victors.  Someday.

Lots more to tell you, but I guess that’s a pretty good start.  I look forward to getting to know you all as we build a community of SHEvas!! 

Tonya & Jodi in the Big House