New Year’s Resolutions, In August?

After being a student, a teacher and now a mom,  I guess I still look at the the end of the summer as the beginning of a new year. So… why not make some resolutions?  I am famous for making resolutions. I like the promise of a new me, the dedication to the commitment. But… the actual committing I have trouble with.  Oh dear, do I have fear of commitment with my own self improvement? There has to be a self help book for that!

My goal for September is to recommit to my health. I took a few quizzes to get some baseline data on my health.  If you are so inclined here is the first one I took, about my general health and the second one about my diet.

I feel like I have treated this entire summer with the “vacation mentality”. Meaning it was OK to eat and drink with merriment and do little to no exercise to offset that! NAUGHTY.

What I determined from my quiz:

1. I really probably should stop drinking like a fish

2.  Exercise is good (especially when you have already signed up for a marathon 10/23)

3.  I get points for sun protection- but I want to step that up even more

4. Having braces means I need to be even more careful with oral care, not an excuse to slack

5. DIET. Hello to whole grains, fruits, vegetables, water, lean protein, low fat dairy.  I won’t even get into what I am munching on right now, or the choices I have made all summer. Not good.

6. It is okay, and recommended to put yourself first at times. It is called taking care of your mental health. You are no good as a mother, daughter, friend, wife, employee, employer if you are NUTS.