SHEva Amy

Hey SHEvas! I am Amy and so thrilled to embark on this journey with you all.

A little about me…… I am 35. Somehow this hasn’t sunk in because, I just typed 34. My husband has caught me doing that quite a few times. A few years back I developed a passion for running, and even though I have allowed it to ebb and flow lately, I am still glad to be in an older age group for races. This means I get to run 5 minutes slower to qualify for Boston. That’s great, I just need to figure out how to shave off the other 52 minutes! Hah!

I am fortunate to be married to an awesome guy. My dad told me once to make a list of the qualites I wanted. Well, I am a lister man. I list more than I do! So, by the time Jabie rolled around that list had gotten pretty damn comprehensive. And I swear to you he easily had every single attribute on there. We met in a community orchestra, which delights my mother to no end. She had recommended I join one for about a decade! While she admits to the fact that Jabie was the only potential man there not in dentures, she still loves the silent I told you so. I know you do mom, so don’t deny it!  We got married so fast, Jodi asked if I was pregnant! ( I wasn’t).

I have two little munchkins. My kids are ACTIVE. I should have known this from their time in my womb. They never stopped moving then, nor do they now. They are feisty, determined, curious, independent things. I love every inch of them, and remind myself that while these qualities may not present as “well behaved” right now…. my kids are going to change the world.

I have wanted to start a blog for some time now, dealing with the issues all of us chics face. I am sure I am not alone in wanting to be a better mom, have a flatter tummy, live in my dream home or reach for that sky high personal goal. FYI for me that is to qualify for the Boston Marathon or successfully audition for the Tampa Bay Symphony. Gotta shoot big!

My dreams to better myself become overwhelming at times, as I am sure is the case with us all. So, let’s break it down. Let’s take steps together every day to create positive changes that will improve our quality of life.

We can do this SHEvas. What does every woman want? She wants it all! And the secret is, you can have it.


They wanted to play in the “snow”!