Tuesday June 8, 2010 17:38

SHEva Kerrie Needs You!

by Jodi McLean

Jodi & Kerrie

If you didn’t meet Kerrie in my original “Meet Kerrie” post , please click here.   Hers is an inspiring and turbulent story.  Kerrie is my hero.

Kerrie again needs us to send her strength.  I firmly believe in the power of positive thought, or prayer, to those who are so inclined.   Kerrie is scheduled for a second gamma knife procedure on June 22nd, due to another spot that has presented in her brain.   Please just think of her and send her healing thoughts as she prepares for this scary procedure.   She is awake through the long surgery, so it takes about as much mental focus and command of emotion as you can imagine.   She has been through one, so she knows what to expect this time around.  Thoughts of the unknown can sometimes be the worst thing, so that part is behind her.

Thank you for expanding the circle!  


Friday June 4, 2010 05:21

BP – “We’re Sorry” Campaign

by Jodi McLean 

My sister was really fired up about this spot yesterday – I hadn’t seen it yet.  Tonya doesn’t actively watch the news or get emotionally involved in issues beyond her control, so I figured it must be something worth watching.   What is your reaction to this?

My first thought is that BP’s PR Department needs to be added to the list of axed employees.  WHY are they spending money running an apology campaign?  Can’t this be done with statements to the press and active involvement in the clean up process?  Spend the money FIXING THE PROBLEM.  The CEO needs to be seen on the front lines getting his hands dirty. 

Secondly, adding fuel to the fire, (did I just say that?) BP is again in the news for turning down offers to help!  Click here for details.  Okay, what can Oscar winning director James Cameron really do to stop an oil spill?  WHO KNOWS?  But the team of “experts” and scientists don’t seem to be making any progress, so why are you turning away people who are willing to offer a different perspective?   BP has said over-and-over that this tragedy is unprecedented.  They should welcome in a brilliant, creative mind to help balance their undoubtedly, lopsidedly, left-brained think tank.  The snub makes BP look elitist and ungrateful.  They need to roll over and expose their belly and let some people pet them when they reach out. 

Here is my unsolicited, non-expert advice to BP:  If you want to appear remorseful, appear open and grateful, proactive and involved.  Expand your research committee and think grandioso.  Be accepting when generous offers to help are extended.  And get a new PR Department.

Click here for live feeds of the oil spill – keep it top of mind.


by Jodi McLean

This is not just a “principle” thing to me – it happened to my beloved Tigers.  Win or lose, no matter what my current zip code is, I will always, always be a Tigers fan.

If you haven’t already seen this replayed a hundred times, here is ESPN’s John Anderson and Scott Van Pelt’s analysis of the controversial call last night.

Baseball fans have been chattering about it all day.  Self-labeled “baseball purists” will say that this is a game played and called by humans, and human error will sometimes come into play.  I say that this is 2010 and we now have color TVs and instant replay capabilities.   I’m not saying to expand the use of instant reply, necessarily, as that will further extend an already long game.  But hear me out on this:

Institute a “challenge” like they do in football.  Give each coach ONE challenge per game.  Coaches won’t always use the challenge; they will  hold onto it for a perfect moment.  I mean, consider last night’s game.  The defining moment came with two outs in the 9th inning.  Coach isn’t going to throw the flag on a “strike vs. ball” call in the 4th.  He is going to hold onto that golden ticket until it’s really needed.  And it may never be needed.  So, what are we really doing to change the game other than give the team (and the ump) a retraction if a controversial, game-changing call is made?

What are your thoughts?


Thursday June 3, 2010 10:21

SHEva Amy Jet Sets to LA Charity Event

by Jodi McLean

Amy has been busy packing and preparing for her trip to LA to attend the Days of our Lives Charity Event.  For those who don’t know, Amy and her hubby Jabie have a Days Fan website called Days Talk.  They blog about Days of our Lives episodes, events, theories, archives, characters, and anything Days-related.  I have encouraged her to post her DaysTalk Charity Event blogs on our SHE website, as this is a true SHEva excursion!!   Have fun Amy – please tell Molly Burnett I love her!

See our video post about our shared love of DOOL – click here.


PS:  Become a fan:  DaysTalk.com – also on Facebook & Twitter.

Sunday May 30, 2010 17:24

Enjoying the Weekend

by Jodi McLean

Weekend Boat Fun

Amy suggested that we all go out and do something that brings us joy this weekend, so I am reporting back that I have had a wonderful Florida weekend, so far!  Today we went out on a friend’s boat and played in the Gulf – the current was really strong due to the tide going out and the full moon this week, so we got plenty of exercise fighting the undertow.  We saw a group of manatee swim by – they were so close that Tom actually touched one! We played with spider crabs and spotted dolphins and met two guys who are charter boat captains and say they will take us tarpon fishing, which is something that I have always wanted to do. Got some sun, but remembered my Sport 30 SPF, of course!  Pool party tomorrow.

Enjoy the long weekend!  We hope that you will share stories and photos of your weekend fun, too.


Sunday May 30, 2010 14:43

Join a Dating Site Today

By Amy Plouf

I am all about joining a dating site. I did this when I was single. While it was not how I met Jabie, it was a way to meet guys without having to hang out at bars.

Just be careful what you wish for. Dating sites are ideal for limiting the pool by clearly defining the  characteristics you want. But ….. in my very detailed profile, my adoring husband would not have made the cut.  (This is only due to the age gap I listed. I had it narrowed down much closer to my own age).

So unless you are one of those chics who think Prince Charming is going to come hunt you down on your sofa, JUST DO IT! Give fate a little nudge.

Sunday May 30, 2010 08:27

Sex and the City 2 – SHEva night out!

by Jodi McLean

I attended opening weekend for the highly embellished SATC2, not once, but twice.  After seeing it the first time, I wasn’t too excited to sit through it again.  I’ve read the reviews, and they haven’t been nice.  I left the theater the first time feeling let down.  Hollywood seems to have crushed my beloved characters’ souls.

But, the second time around, I came to the realization that I was reading too much into it.  It’s really more about the experience of dressing up and drinking cosmos with my soul mates than it is about picking the movie apart.  ALL of the reviews focus on the political message, or the extravagances that the characters flaunt in a down economy, blah blah blah.  My main gripe is that ”the City” is supposed to be the 5th character, right?  Why did the girls spend most of the movie in Abu Dhabi?   The camel riding was the ultimate roll-your-eyes moment for me.  Ugh.

But, aside from all that, it was much fun to be with my SHEvas.  Each of us assuming the name and personality of our favorite SATC girl and teetering into the theatre in our fabulous heels trying not to spill our pink cocktails, while admiring the outfits of the other theater-goers who went all out to “get Carried away.”

Can you wait to rent the movie and watch it at home?  Sure.  But it won’t be nearly as enjoyable.  Go spend some time with your soul mates and just take the movie for what it is…an over-the-top sensory indulgence from beginning to end.



Steppin' Out

Saturday May 29, 2010 07:44

Win a Flip Cam

by Amy Plouf

Always Appropriate to Bring a Gift to a Party

As you know, Jabie and I are going to LA for a series of charity events involving Days of our Lives Actors. We will be attending 2 parties, a breakfast, autograph session and brunch.  I want to bring a respectable donation to the charities holding the two parties.

The first charity is For Love Charitable Events and the money will benefit The Cancer Research Institute. Click here to help us meet our goal of raising 1,000 dollars. http://www.firstgiving.com/daystalk

The second charity is Days Charity Events and the money will benefit The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Click here to help us meet our goal of raising 1,000 dollars http://www.firstgiving.com/jabie

If we raise 2K we will have a drawing for a free flip cam. Email me at amy@daystalk.com to enter.

Thank you!

by Amy Plouf

Here is your assignment for today: go do something with the sole purpose of bringing you JOY!

Forget your to-do list for 1 hour and do something enjoyable.  I want you to have a smiling answer when someone asks you about your weekend on Monday.

You get extra points if you spend some of it outdoors. We just went to the duckpond. I think we spotted five different types of birds, including 8 ducklings! And turtles.

My fun task for the day….. Jabie and I will take turns going to the mall to get our last minute clothing items for our upcoming LA trip. We leave Thursday, YAY!

(PS- I think I will be spending a lot of time outdoors today because Jack has decided he wants to plant mazes and just approached me with packets of corn and sunflower seeds!)

Send us an email with photos of you enjoying your Saturday! ajshewantsitall@gmail.com

by Amy Plouf

We struggle a lot with behavior around here . My husband and I are kind, nurturing parents who adore our children. We were raised by kind, nurturing parents who continue to adore us. When asked recently, both of our fathers reported that we were easy children to the best of their recollections.

But… the stork didn’t check in with our parents to make sure we were naughty or nice before bestowing our wild things upon us! After meeting with a developmental pediatrician the other day, we were told some kids just need more of a structured behavior plan than what we usually do as parents. And guess what? I happen to have those “some kids”! (At least God was kind enough to make them extra cute, smart, caring and affectionate to offset the gray I am accumulating by the hour).

As you know, I strongly believe in the Love and Logic system. I recommended it to my hairstylist, and at my haircut Tuesday we gabbed at length about how much we love it. Because it really works if you use it all the time. Consistency is really important, and a piece I need to focus more on. My running partner works in a classroom with preschoolers and she swears by: consistency, routine, and structure.

We are planning to embark on a summer of learning. Where we will take classes in behavior management and have assistance in forming a behavior management system. There are resources available in your community to help you if you are struggling with this. There is no shame in learning to be the best parent you can be!

Love and Logic also talks a lot about the role of chores in raising a well adjusted youngster. When checking out this parenting blog recently , I noticed they recommended The Better Behavior Wheel. I am planning to purchase this, and I will let you know how it works for our family. More info on that to follow. Want to make sure it is a good one before I share.