Wednesday September 15, 2010 20:24

Female NFL Reporters: Observations of a Sportsonista

by Jodi McLean

Ines Sainz

First, let me start by saying that this is in no way a “Female Power” blog entry.   And it certainly isn’t a derogatory one about female attire choices and presentation of self.  Well, not entirely one or the other, but you’ll probably read a bit of both into this.

Ines Sainz.  I’ve Googled the hell out of her for the last two days, and the best that I can come up with is that it appears she calls herself a “Model/Reporter” (note that model is listed first,) alledgedly has a Masters’ Degree in something, and was a Miss Universe contender in 1997 for Spain.  I also read somewhere that she is a mother of 3.  (Really?  With that bod?)   My personal observation is that she is a true reflection of Latino television/entertainment culture and fashion sense.  I mean, as I channel surf, I stop and watch the “SAP” channels once in awhile just to WATCH the beautiful, almost-naked people.   And I don’t even care that I can’t understand the dialogue.  Latino soap stars are so beautiful they look surreal.

As a female sports fan and cheerleader for my SHEva sisters, my general take on female sports reporters might surprise you.  I detest them.  Except for Pam Oliver.  And Jillian Barberie for different reasons than Pam. I think “side-line girls” are totally forced and ungenuine.  The side-line girls are not there because of their insane knowledge of the sport and the players that they interact with.  They are there to complete the ultimate male entertainment trifecta of sports, beer and sex.  Period.  They are there to be beautiful and to be fed general, cutesy questions by their producer in their ear piece.  Please.  I’ve worked in TV for over a decade.   I am not dissing the side-line girls, directly.  They have an amazing gig and I admire the fact that they are where they are and the amazing opportunity that presents.  What I detest most of all is that they are where they are because of how they look, not because of their diligence and knowledge of their craft.

Which brings me to Pam Oliver.  Her resume is impressive.  She has a degree in journalism and has been a news & sports reporter since the mid-80′s.  She was an All-American college athlete and a true sports fan since childhood.  Pam Oliver is the one female sports reporter that I completely respect and admire – she can talk the talk and walk the walk. And she dresses like a professional sports reporter.  I’m not judging, I’m just saying:  dress the part and you will be regarded as such.  It’s a choice.  You don’t see Stuart Scott on the side-lines in a half-buttoned shirt and too-tight pants.  (Maybe on “SAP” TV…)  As an aside, I came across several fan sites for Pam with appreciative photos and comments of her physical assets, so if she wanted to flaunt it, she’s got it.  She just chooses to dress professionally.

Then there’s Jillian Barberie.  She’s more of a side-note, because I think of her as a hybrid.  She can talk sports, but she is beautiful and goofy.  And she claims it all.  She doesn’t take herself seriously, and I would totally hang out with this girl if given the opportunity.  I think we would be great friends.  Pam would intimidate the hell out of me.

Jillian Barberie

Lastly:  WHY are women allowed in the men’s locker room?!!  GOD, what a STUPID stab at equal rights.  Come on.  You’ve got 60 men, wet & naked wrapped in towels at best, all hyped up on testosterone after a competitive battle, and you dangle a woman into that tigers’ cage??    There are lines of privacy and common sense, and they really aren’t that hard to identify.  Female reporters are sent into a men’s locker room after a game for two reasons:  1) to make a statement or 2) create a bit of a publicity stunt.  Those women are bait, not reporters.



That’s the way I see it.  I would love to be a sports reporter, but I will stick with my Fantasy Football smack.  I know I got that right.


Monday September 13, 2010 09:51

Hello Stress, It’s You or Me

The following series of posts will be about goals we can make to improve our health.

I have allowed myself to succumb to stress lately. I have decided I will win this battle over stress. I am going to follow the 11 Easy Ways to Handle Stress by The Advice Sister, Alison Blackman Dunham.

pictured here: Advice Sister Alison

1. Talk to someone you trust who won’t judge or tell you what to do. This is Mom. Thank god for cell phones. I feel fortunate to have a close family and friends to bounce stress off of. Also she suggests adding a physical component. Write out what is bothering you. I kept a diary from the age of 9. Since I have been married, I have all but given this up. On occasion I pull it out, but months will lapse. It isn’t because I think Jabie would read it.  I think perhaps I feel guilty putting some of these feelings to print.  But, no feelings are wrong so I guess maybe that would be a good first step.  I already use exercise as an outlet to work things out.  Amy goal: resume journaling

2. Act, make a change, no matter how small. Amy goal: follow through with getting assistance and complete Active Parenting book

3.  Listen to your body. Hello, that’s for me. My body is screaming at me, “Listen you dumb *&$%^, I need you to manage this stress!”  Amy goal: When Jack does his morning yoga DVD, join in and practice what I preach. I teach the kids to take 5 deep breaths to calm down and I will too!

4. Be in Charge – what do you need to feel good about yourself and get your needs met? Amy goal: read, garden, blog, run, occasional girly pampering

5. Don’t overwhelm yourself. This is a biggy. Rid extra responsibilities or ask for help. Amy goal: Think hard before saying yes and tell Jabie when I need a break

6. Get Away. This really helps. True story,  two weeks ago I was so wound up my head was about to burst and Jabie had to come home from work to bring me pepto. Then that evening I went out with Teri to get our nails done and go to Chili’s. I felt perfect. The next day was a whole lot better too. A few hours can pay back huge rewards.  Amy goal: get away with other adults at least once a week

7. Prioritize- choose how to handle your responsibilities without resentment

8.  Extend yourself- volunteer. I could see how this  helps. But for me right now, this thought adds stress! I want to be selfish right now and enjoy whatever free time I have. But…. giving doesn’t have to be time. Right now, I would prefer to make monetary donations.  After a period of regrouping, I would like to find a way to volunteer with the kids, to teach them the importance of charitable contributions.

9. Make success happen- make a goal of self-improvement. Amy goal: do not speak about anyone negatively and don’t overreact.

10. Socialize

11. Learn how to be happy.  I read an awesome story in my parenting  book today.  I will summarize. A lady had twins, one pessimistic and the other optimistic. She took them to a doctor to see why they were this way. The doctor put the pessimist in a room full of toys and the optimist in a room full of horse manure. After a while he came in to find the pessimist all upset because there was not a scooter in the toys. The optimist was happily digging in the manure, sure it was a sign that a pony was nearby.

Have a great day, take one step to handle your stress!


Saturday September 11, 2010 11:38

Being Selfish is Selfless

I recently began a parenting class called Active Parenting. I completely believe in this parenting philosophy.

One of the first practices they teach is taking care of the caregiver. We have all been on the plane and heard the flight attendant say,  ”Strap your mask on first”. Active parenting teaches that “you cannot do your best if you are constantly overwhelmed, exhausted, burnt out or just plain irritable”.

Here are the areas they suggest you plan to do some “self care” in:

1. Health- this seems like a no brainer. But… do we all take care of ourselves as well as our kids and spouses? We will be discussing health a lot for the next 30 days.

2. Adult time- I swear to you that one of the first times I went grocery shopping alone, I found myself talking to invisible kids. Yeah, not just talking to myself, but statements like, “OK guys, we are almost done!” Also, I find myself relishing long waits at the doctor so I can read outdated magazines, ALONE! I read recently that the lack of a close friend is similar to smoking or being overweight as far as at risk behavior for your health. I am fortunate to have close friends, but now I am trying to focus on actually seeing them.

3. A Clear Head- Active Parenting says it is OK to go in your room close the door and lay down for 5 minutes. Now, for me that might mean I come out to smoke or I just pass out from exhaustion. But I am finding a daily run alone helps me clear my head. I try to think of a topic before I head out that I need to, for lack of a better word, meditate on. Then when that’s done, I just clear out all the other cobwebs!

4. Get Organized- I will say with every fiber of my being that if you have a messy house the kids will get into more trouble. Enough said. Of course, I read that somewhere. Couldn’t possibly know from experience. I have this week completely cleared out two rooms and thus had a complete sty in the rest of the house. I will remember what says, “Do not take out more than you can put back in one hour.” I think she meant that for me.

5. If romance is important to you, make time for it- I have said before and I will say again, it is Jabie and I in this war against the kids, and I damn well want him with me till the end! (OK, maybe war is a strong word, but some days it doesn’t feel strong enough!) This means keeping our relationship happy and healthy. There is just about nothing worse than when one of the kids is pulling out every little trick from the Hellion Manual and we are arguing over them about how to handle it. Not pretty. (And if you want my unsolicited advice, I think we should all consider romance/having a partner important.)

OK,  so I can connect Days of our Lives to just about any subject. Here goes for today. Alison Sweeney, famous for her portrayal of Sami on Days of our Lives and as the host of The Biggest Loser, has a unique blog (with an emphasis on motherhood) In her words, this blog is meant to help you. As opposed to other blogs/resources that focus on how to care for your children. And if you are not a mom, there are posts related to diet, exercise and fashion.



Thursday August 26, 2010 04:54

Won’t You Take Me To……. A Happy Mood!

Jack and Paloma are on a Shrek trek lately.  Therefore I get to hear this music a lot. This song just makes me downright happy. The other night I was talking with my best Puss in Boots accent (Antonio Banderas) while making dinner and singing this song. When Jabie got home, I know he was dying to ask if I had been drinking (which I had not). I even changed this to my ring tone. So call me!

Tuesday August 24, 2010 09:05

Eat Pray Love

SHEva Teri and I went to see Eat, Pray, Love this past Sunday. A decadent “special day” for me.  Jabie and I had decided going into the weekend that we would each take one day to do whatever we wanted. I like this idea so much, I think I am going to offer this Saturday and Sunday to Paloma and Jack. Wait… isn’t that every weekend?

For my day, I awoke, received chai tea in bed and read as much as I could of Eat, Pray, Love as possible. Teri had given me the book at about 6:30 pm Friday, and was already quizzing me about my progress (which was zilch) Saturday morning when we met. I did manage to get through 82 pages before the flick. Otherwise known as most of the Eat section!

We then met at Chili’s where we thoroughly enjoyed 2 for 1 Margaritas and I got my usual Southwest egg rolls.  Mommy-free time + good company +naughty food= BLISS. I had already decided before seeing the movie that I too wanted to spend a year abroad in three different countries! Jabie’s task while I was out was to devise a plan to make that happen!

The movie was great, the book is even better. I give both a “DO IT” recommendation.  I would also recommend reading a bit of the book first, just because I find the author, Elizabeth Gilbert, transcendentally inspiring. She really sets the tone and I am not sure I would have enjoyed the movie as much without feeling her presence through her words.  I am NOT usually someone who enjoys a movie at all if I have read the book, but this was definitely the exception. Or I have changed. Which is completely possible. I just remember being horrifically disappointed with Gone With the Wind after spending so many hours on the novel, to find so many key aspects changed. But that is another topic for another day!


Thursday August 12, 2010 12:05

Is Less More?

I have read two articles in two days about living happier with less.
Here is an article from Whole Living, What Do You Value Most? Take the Ten-Item Test. Click here to read entire piece.
The first was an article on Yahoo, which sadly I am unable to find again. A woman and her husband decided to quit the work-spend cycle by eliminating everything they didn’t need. For example, they donated their wedding china, reduced their toiletries and clothing to 100 items, and ate off only 4 plates.
Flylady encourages decluttering by eliminating items that you just don’t need or use.
Could we be happier with less? This summer I have reduced my chores to basically: laundry, dishes and putting the toys away. Those three things seem to take up so much time because we have so many of all three.  Are my children happier with 3,000 toys that they can’t even find once they all get mixed together? Am I having to do the dishes and laundry less frequently by having such an abundance of each? All three responses are a big fat NO.
I wonder if this system would make me happier. Or would it be more stressful not having the items I felt I needed when I needed them. It is like going to a hotel. (Not completely my idea, seed planted by Flylady). It is so relaxing, because you are in this clutter free environment. As long as you packed appropriately. Nothing is worse then being  stressed because you forgot a light sweater and all the restaurants are too cold.
So…maybe it could work, if executed well. What do you think? Could you be happier with less stuff?

Tuesday August 10, 2010 04:48

Have a Happy Tuesday

Quote of the Day:

Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim  and end of human existence. Aristotle

This struck a chord in me. I have recently revised my parenting plan.  Until 9 days ago, I  spent a lot of time honing my drill sergeant skills. It occurred to me, my vision of my mothering success never included raising a “yes, mam” bunch of kids. I don’t recall Barack Obama listing in his qualifications that he always did exactly what he was told the first time. So here are my new goals. And we are all a lot happier.

I want my kids to be:





How can you change your philosophy (about anything) today to make you happier?  Share!


Monday August 9, 2010 19:35

Staycation = Family Fun!

by Jodi McLean

Funny Fish

“Staycation” isn’t a new term.  I first started hearing it used in 2007, I believe, when people really started to hunker down and prepare for the long-haul with the downturned economy.  I have the luxury of living in one of the top vacation destination states in the U.S. so to take a Staycation within driving range is a real treat.   I would think that most towns have points of interest within driving range – you just have to look at your surroundings with new eyes.   I would love to hear about clever Staycations you and your family have discovered in your own backyard.

I visited the Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium with my family in Sarasota, FL this past weekend.  At first I started snapping photos of the funny-looking sea creatures thinking that my nieces and nephews would enjoy them and Jack & Paloma would have fun investigating the exotic names in their animal books.  Then I realized that I was really enjoying myself as an adult participant.   The wonders of the sea!

Moray eel – kind of reminded me of a Muppet?  But scarier.

Please enjoy a few photos and videos that I took on my Florida weekend Staycation.  And please share yours!

Sea Turtle

Manatee gives us a kiss

You Lookin' at Me?

Guess Who??!


Wednesday July 28, 2010 17:15

Summer Hiatus

by Jodi McLean

Amy and I both have been taking a longer-than-expected blog break.  I am completely engrossed in my fantastic new job that I love, love, love and Amy is enjoying motherhood in the summer months. (Meaning, no babysitter named “school” to afford Amy some creative writing time.)  We have not abandoned SHE!  I have a list a mile long of things to write about, including recognizing the temporary-but -effective fix of the BP Oil Spill…whew.  What a relief when that news broke.  And, of course, WHAT THE HELL is wrong with Mel Gibson??!   Again today he’s caught on tape.  Seriously?  Either control yourself or get a PR person to keep you on a leash.  How is this the same guy who wrote & directed The Passion of the Christ?   Bi-Polar much?  I can’t even be angry anymore.  He’s so far gone that he’s obviously off his rocker–I’m about to call and Baker Act him myself. 

On another note, I was recently turned on to a new book called “The Five Love Languages.”  According to this book, we all express & wish to receive affirmations of love in one of 5 ways.  (Thanks Mindy, I can’t wait to read!)  I am assuming from the back cover and from Mindy’s quick overview that I will be a “Physical Touch” type.  I will read and give my review ASAP.   Looks like it will be an eye-opener for anyone in a loving relationship.  Even platonic love.

Then there’s my new (first) tattoo, that Mom says looks…what’s the word she used…”occult-ish?”  It is actually Japanese Kanji, and it was well thought-out, so I may look to my SHEvas to help convince my loving Mother that I will not grow to regret it nor will I soon join the Hell’s Angels.   Sis and I got them together for my birthday this month.  She got the symbol for “younger sister” and I got the “elder sister” symbol.

Tonya on left - Jodi on right

Just a sample of things to come as this frantic summer begins to wind down.   I will have lots of themed birthday party photos to post soon, too!  We are beginning to run out of fun/easy ideas for themes, so we are open to suggestions; keeping in mind simple and reasonably-priced props.  Anything too difficult or too expensive gets less participation (unless it’s Halloween, of course.)

Keep in touch, SHEvas, and enjoy the rest of the summer!! 


Sunday July 4, 2010 06:24

Will it Blend

by Amy Plouf

Now that I am living on smoothies, I was lamenting that our current blender really doesn’t blend squat.  After showing Jabie my cup with all the frozen strawberries still intact, he suggested I need this.

PS I love my iPhone so much, this almost hurts more to watch than the Herbst in my mouth!