SHE History

The History of SHE by Jodi McLean & Amy Plouf:

March 2010

We met in 1998 as waitresses in a Sports Bar in Saint Petersburg, FL.  As the years went by, our lives went in different directions.  Amy married Jabie and has two children.  Jodi is still single and venturesome.  We found that we spent less and less time together as our lives evolved.  Last week, over lunch, we had an “ah-ha!” moment of how to pursue our separate but similar dreams and spend more time together.  Out of our lunch date, and maybe a little bit of wine, She Wants It All was born.

SHE is a blog where we plan to have community discussions on empowering women.  We want you to want it all and we want to help you have it all!  The Secret is, you hold the key already.

We can have it all, whatever “all” means to you:  family, health, love, home, career, and fun!   We can do this together as women and friends.  Join us on our journey!

Welcome to the Community of SHE. Where you all are a SHEva. Sexy, Helpful, Encouraging, Victorius and Amusing.

Amy & Jodi