Wednesday November 30, 2011 10:02

I Love it When My Chicks Agree

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So….. I have a couple of chicks that are influential to me. I have yet to meet either of them, yet that is.

First there is the Flylady.  She helps me keep my house clean when I listen to her.  Then there is Alicia Silverstone who’s book The Kind Diet has been a real help getting started macro.

Flylady has a habit of the month she recommends you adopt. This month’s just happens to be menu planning. Of course I tell you this on the very last day of the month.

Alicia also recommends you take time to plan your food for the day, because if not your decisions tend to be “made in haste, out of stress or hunger, and they tend to be less than stellar.” I can 100% assure you of this. Do not leave the house hungry and hope to stay on the straight and narrow macro wise!

So I was very disciplined and meal planned on Saturday and then ran off to the local natural foods joint with my wombat on Sunday.  She marched around with her mini shopping cart as I pushed my regular one. Anything that looked appealing was taken from my cart and placed into hers. Sensible plan and more than fine with me. But….. I have yet to make any of those meals. We have gotten into a little take out jag. It happens around here. We got Indian two nights in a row this week! Yes it is true.

I get an A+ for menu planning and an F for execution! Oh my.  Better get cooking!

Happy Hump Day,


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