Tuesday November 29, 2011 10:06

Nightshade Vegetables

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Nightshade veggies include potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant and peppers. These are kind of a no no on the macrobiotic diet. Which kind of stinks because I really love ratatouille.

This isn’t a problem for me within my daily cravings. I can cook plenty of yummy foods from the vast macro library I am assembling. God bless Amazon by the way. However, when ordering at a restaurant things get a little trickier.  Having a vegan menu is more common than a macro one, and this is one of the differences between the two diets.  Vegans eat nightshade vegetables. My favorite Indian restaurant has 5 dishes that are vegan and nightshade free (or could be easily amended). We have tried one or two of them.  Those potatoes and eggplants call out to me. It is just wrong.

These vegetables are thought to exacerbate certain health conditions such as arthritis and acne. Personally, I want to see if they have any link to my shoulder pain, headaches and canker sores. I have always been asked if I eat a lot of spicy food or tomatoes due to my chronic canker sores.  For me it is worth it to trying to eliminate them for awhile and see what happens. Previously we tried the Feingold diet for our son, which considers salyiclates to be a contributing factor in ADHD. Guess what also has salyiclates? Eggplants, tomatoes and green peppers. Hmmmm.

Not quitting tonight though. Hubby is en route home with  Indian take out and it isn’t all nightshade free. Baby steps.

My hubby is my Indian food bringing hero!

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