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Macrobiotics : The Answer to She Wants it All

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Jabie and I have decided to embark on a new way of life. We have been studying the macrobiotic diet since September, and have been trying to implement it since mid October. We took a break while traveling to LA for our Days of our Lives blog DaysTalk. It was our goal to remain macro and I am sure LA would be THE place do it, but by the flight I had gone AWOL. Jabie had bumped us up to first class and while he ordered the oatmeal like a good little macro, I was a little overexcited by the experience and dove right into an omelet!  Thanksgiving at my parents’ house proved to be a bust too, when our first stop was to Buffalo Wild Wings. Hah! Try going meat and dairy free there. It is possible, but I don’t have that type of will power yet.

We now have a little awesome kiddo with ADHD and we would like to manage his symptoms drug-free. We aren’t there yet, but I do believe diet is part of the solution. We had dabbled in macrobiotics briefly back in the Spring of 2004 and I started thinking it might help now. ADHD and macrobiotics don’t appear as a pair much on the Internet. We decided to give it a try and unlike the other two diets we have tried, we decided to not only do the diet also, but do it first before the kids. The first two diets I honestly was cooking all day for the munchkins and then ordering out  for us at night when I was beat. Not good.  We also have a little princess who is to put it mildly a picky eater. She might not be going full on macro with us.

Pictured here is Jessica Porter author of The Hip Chick’s Guide to Macrobiotics.

What I hope to gain from the macrobiotic lifestyle:

1. Patience

I want to be a fun, silly, zany, happy, inspiring nurturing mom. NOT a  screaming, threatening overstrung anti-role model.

2. Energy and Momentum

To be a  mom, wife, homemaker, blogger, runner, gardener, and musician.

3. Health

I have a few minor health issues that just take away from life’s joy (canker sores and headaches).

I would love for my family to not be dependent on daily medication.

4.  Beauty

Why not? You are what you eat. Exercise and nutrition makes your hair, skin, and body just look nicer!

5.  A Greener Lifestyle

I am raising a budding environmentalist who at 6 cringes every time I do not recycle. This diet and going green are just naturally aligned.

Wish me luck,


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