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New Year’s Resolutions

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OK Ladies, it’s that time of year. New Year’s Resolutions need to be made. And kept!

This article from the Post Standard might help you get the ball rolling.

I am a bit of a nut. I love the idea of self improvement. Hence the theme of this blog. I literally have pages of resolutions on how to improve my character, health, and parenting.

How though, does one change a resolution into an actual habit.  I took these notes on habits, and I am sorry to say I don’t recall the source.

1. Identify a bad habit, and start small

2. Write it down, along with 5 reasons you want to change it. Carry that with you.

3. Give yourself one month. You can add another habit after a month, but keep working on this one too.

4. Use affirmations. If you want to start exercising more often, you could say, “I am someone who works out regularly”

Now where I get tripped up is the picking one habit part. When I get on a improve me kick, I want to fix it all. So here goes:

I want to start running again.

5 reasons:

1.  for my health

2.  I miss it

3.  I enjoy spending time with my fellow Forerunners.

4.  it helps relieve stress

5. when I was working hard at it,  I enjoyed the sense of satisfaction from improving my times and occasionally placing in my age group

affirmation: “I am a runner”

Goal: 1 month from now still running. January 29th run a 5K.

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