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Female NFL Reporters: Observations of a Sportsonista

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by Jodi McLean

Ines Sainz

First, let me start by saying that this is in no way a “Female Power” blog entry.   And it certainly isn’t a derogatory one about female attire choices and presentation of self.  Well, not entirely one or the other, but you’ll probably read a bit of both into this.

Ines Sainz.  I’ve Googled the hell out of her for the last two days, and the best that I can come up with is that it appears she calls herself a “Model/Reporter” (note that model is listed first,) alledgedly has a Masters’ Degree in something, and was a Miss Universe contender in 1997 for Spain.  I also read somewhere that she is a mother of 3.  (Really?  With that bod?)   My personal observation is that she is a true reflection of Latino television/entertainment culture and fashion sense.  I mean, as I channel surf, I stop and watch the “SAP” channels once in awhile just to WATCH the beautiful, almost-naked people.   And I don’t even care that I can’t understand the dialogue.  Latino soap stars are so beautiful they look surreal.

As a female sports fan and cheerleader for my SHEva sisters, my general take on female sports reporters might surprise you.  I detest them.  Except for Pam Oliver.  And Jillian Barberie for different reasons than Pam. I think “side-line girls” are totally forced and ungenuine.  The side-line girls are not there because of their insane knowledge of the sport and the players that they interact with.  They are there to complete the ultimate male entertainment trifecta of sports, beer and sex.  Period.  They are there to be beautiful and to be fed general, cutesy questions by their producer in their ear piece.  Please.  I’ve worked in TV for over a decade.   I am not dissing the side-line girls, directly.  They have an amazing gig and I admire the fact that they are where they are and the amazing opportunity that presents.  What I detest most of all is that they are where they are because of how they look, not because of their diligence and knowledge of their craft.

Which brings me to Pam Oliver.  Her resume is impressive.  She has a degree in journalism and has been a news & sports reporter since the mid-80′s.  She was an All-American college athlete and a true sports fan since childhood.  Pam Oliver is the one female sports reporter that I completely respect and admire – she can talk the talk and walk the walk. And she dresses like a professional sports reporter.  I’m not judging, I’m just saying:  dress the part and you will be regarded as such.  It’s a choice.  You don’t see Stuart Scott on the side-lines in a half-buttoned shirt and too-tight pants.  (Maybe on “SAP” TV…)  As an aside, I came across several fan sites for Pam with appreciative photos and comments of her physical assets, so if she wanted to flaunt it, she’s got it.  She just chooses to dress professionally.

Then there’s Jillian Barberie.  She’s more of a side-note, because I think of her as a hybrid.  She can talk sports, but she is beautiful and goofy.  And she claims it all.  She doesn’t take herself seriously, and I would totally hang out with this girl if given the opportunity.  I think we would be great friends.  Pam would intimidate the hell out of me.

Jillian Barberie

Lastly:  WHY are women allowed in the men’s locker room?!!  GOD, what a STUPID stab at equal rights.  Come on.  You’ve got 60 men, wet & naked wrapped in towels at best, all hyped up on testosterone after a competitive battle, and you dangle a woman into that tigers’ cage??    There are lines of privacy and common sense, and they really aren’t that hard to identify.  Female reporters are sent into a men’s locker room after a game for two reasons:  1) to make a statement or 2) create a bit of a publicity stunt.  Those women are bait, not reporters.



That’s the way I see it.  I would love to be a sports reporter, but I will stick with my Fantasy Football smack.  I know I got that right.


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