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Hello Stress, It’s You or Me

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The following series of posts will be about goals we can make to improve our health.

I have allowed myself to succumb to stress lately. I have decided I will win this battle over stress. I am going to follow the 11 Easy Ways to Handle Stress by The Advice Sister, Alison Blackman Dunham.

pictured here: Advice Sister Alison

1. Talk to someone you trust who won’t judge or tell you what to do. This is Mom. Thank god for cell phones. I feel fortunate to have a close family and friends to bounce stress off of. Also she suggests adding a physical component. Write out what is bothering you. I kept a diary from the age of 9. Since I have been married, I have all but given this up. On occasion I pull it out, but months will lapse. It isn’t because I think Jabie would read it.  I think perhaps I feel guilty putting some of these feelings to print.  But, no feelings are wrong so I guess maybe that would be a good first step.  I already use exercise as an outlet to work things out.  Amy goal: resume journaling

2. Act, make a change, no matter how small. Amy goal: follow through with getting assistance and complete Active Parenting book

3.  Listen to your body. Hello, that’s for me. My body is screaming at me, “Listen you dumb *&$%^, I need you to manage this stress!”  Amy goal: When Jack does his morning yoga DVD, join in and practice what I preach. I teach the kids to take 5 deep breaths to calm down and I will too!

4. Be in Charge – what do you need to feel good about yourself and get your needs met? Amy goal: read, garden, blog, run, occasional girly pampering

5. Don’t overwhelm yourself. This is a biggy. Rid extra responsibilities or ask for help. Amy goal: Think hard before saying yes and tell Jabie when I need a break

6. Get Away. This really helps. True story,  two weeks ago I was so wound up my head was about to burst and Jabie had to come home from work to bring me pepto. Then that evening I went out with Teri to get our nails done and go to Chili’s. I felt perfect. The next day was a whole lot better too. A few hours can pay back huge rewards.  Amy goal: get away with other adults at least once a week

7. Prioritize- choose how to handle your responsibilities without resentment

8.  Extend yourself- volunteer. I could see how this  helps. But for me right now, this thought adds stress! I want to be selfish right now and enjoy whatever free time I have. But…. giving doesn’t have to be time. Right now, I would prefer to make monetary donations.  After a period of regrouping, I would like to find a way to volunteer with the kids, to teach them the importance of charitable contributions.

9. Make success happen- make a goal of self-improvement. Amy goal: do not speak about anyone negatively and don’t overreact.

10. Socialize

11. Learn how to be happy.  I read an awesome story in my parenting  book today.  I will summarize. A lady had twins, one pessimistic and the other optimistic. She took them to a doctor to see why they were this way. The doctor put the pessimist in a room full of toys and the optimist in a room full of horse manure. After a while he came in to find the pessimist all upset because there was not a scooter in the toys. The optimist was happily digging in the manure, sure it was a sign that a pony was nearby.

Have a great day, take one step to handle your stress!


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