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Eat Pray Love

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SHEva Teri and I went to see Eat, Pray, Love this past Sunday. A decadent “special day” for me.  Jabie and I had decided going into the weekend that we would each take one day to do whatever we wanted. I like this idea so much, I think I am going to offer this Saturday and Sunday to Paloma and Jack. Wait… isn’t that every weekend?

For my day, I awoke, received chai tea in bed and read as much as I could of Eat, Pray, Love as possible. Teri had given me the book at about 6:30 pm Friday, and was already quizzing me about my progress (which was zilch) Saturday morning when we met. I did manage to get through 82 pages before the flick. Otherwise known as most of the Eat section!

We then met at Chili’s where we thoroughly enjoyed 2 for 1 Margaritas and I got my usual Southwest egg rolls.  Mommy-free time + good company +naughty food= BLISS. I had already decided before seeing the movie that I too wanted to spend a year abroad in three different countries! Jabie’s task while I was out was to devise a plan to make that happen!

The movie was great, the book is even better. I give both a “DO IT” recommendation.  I would also recommend reading a bit of the book first, just because I find the author, Elizabeth Gilbert, transcendentally inspiring. She really sets the tone and I am not sure I would have enjoyed the movie as much without feeling her presence through her words.  I am NOT usually someone who enjoys a movie at all if I have read the book, but this was definitely the exception. Or I have changed. Which is completely possible. I just remember being horrifically disappointed with Gone With the Wind after spending so many hours on the novel, to find so many key aspects changed. But that is another topic for another day!


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August 25th, 2010 at 6:15 pm


I totally agree with you about the Eat Pray Love. I read the book first and was just amazed. Plus, it was kind of funny, which surprised me. The movie was good too, but it was easier to understand the motivation. Plus Javier…..wow!!! Smoldery!!

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