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Thursday August 26, 2010 04:54

Won’t You Take Me To……. A Happy Mood!

Jack and Paloma are on a Shrek trek lately.  Therefore I get to hear this music a lot. This song just makes me downright happy. The other night I was talking with my best Puss in Boots accent (Antonio Banderas) while making dinner and singing this song. When Jabie got home, I know he was [...]

Tuesday August 24, 2010 09:05

Eat Pray Love

SHEva Teri and I went to see Eat, Pray, Love this past Sunday. A decadent “special day” for me.  Jabie and I had decided going into the weekend that we would each take one day to do whatever we wanted. I like this idea so much, I think I am going to offer this Saturday [...]

Thursday August 12, 2010 12:05

Is Less More?

I have read two articles in two days about living happier with less. Here is an article from Whole Living, What Do You Value Most? Take the Ten-Item Test. Click here to read entire piece. The first was an article on Yahoo, which sadly I am unable to find again. A woman and her husband [...]

Tuesday August 10, 2010 04:48

Have a Happy Tuesday

Quote of the Day: Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim  and end of human existence. Aristotle This struck a chord in me. I have recently revised my parenting plan.  Until 9 days ago, I  spent a lot of time honing my drill sergeant skills. It occurred to me, my [...]

Monday August 9, 2010 19:35

Staycation = Family Fun!

by Jodi McLean “Staycation” isn’t a new term.  I first started hearing it used in 2007, I believe, when people really started to hunker down and prepare for the long-haul with the downturned economy.  I have the luxury of living in one of the top vacation destination states in the U.S. so to take a Staycation [...]