Wednesday July 28, 2010 17:15

Summer Hiatus

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by Jodi McLean

Amy and I both have been taking a longer-than-expected blog break.  I am completely engrossed in my fantastic new job that I love, love, love and Amy is enjoying motherhood in the summer months. (Meaning, no babysitter named “school” to afford Amy some creative writing time.)  We have not abandoned SHE!  I have a list a mile long of things to write about, including recognizing the temporary-but -effective fix of the BP Oil Spill…whew.  What a relief when that news broke.  And, of course, WHAT THE HELL is wrong with Mel Gibson??!   Again today he’s caught on tape.  Seriously?  Either control yourself or get a PR person to keep you on a leash.  How is this the same guy who wrote & directed The Passion of the Christ?   Bi-Polar much?  I can’t even be angry anymore.  He’s so far gone that he’s obviously off his rocker–I’m about to call and Baker Act him myself. 

On another note, I was recently turned on to a new book called “The Five Love Languages.”  According to this book, we all express & wish to receive affirmations of love in one of 5 ways.  (Thanks Mindy, I can’t wait to read!)  I am assuming from the back cover and from Mindy’s quick overview that I will be a “Physical Touch” type.  I will read and give my review ASAP.   Looks like it will be an eye-opener for anyone in a loving relationship.  Even platonic love.

Then there’s my new (first) tattoo, that Mom says looks…what’s the word she used…”occult-ish?”  It is actually Japanese Kanji, and it was well thought-out, so I may look to my SHEvas to help convince my loving Mother that I will not grow to regret it nor will I soon join the Hell’s Angels.   Sis and I got them together for my birthday this month.  She got the symbol for “younger sister” and I got the “elder sister” symbol.

Tonya on left - Jodi on right

Just a sample of things to come as this frantic summer begins to wind down.   I will have lots of themed birthday party photos to post soon, too!  We are beginning to run out of fun/easy ideas for themes, so we are open to suggestions; keeping in mind simple and reasonably-priced props.  Anything too difficult or too expensive gets less participation (unless it’s Halloween, of course.)

Keep in touch, SHEvas, and enjoy the rest of the summer!! 


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