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Should I Suck it Up or Give Up?

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by Amy Plouf

Hello, it is your long lost blogger here. And I want you to meet my nemesis . Now using a word like that is probably not the right attitude. But my attitude has gone a bit south since this was inserted Tuesday.

Why you might ask, did I allow this to be placed in my mouth. My friend Teri asked just that. The benefit is that it will get my jaw into the correct alignment.

The cons are:

1. I cannot chew. I can do something very similar to chewing, but it takes all the joy out of eating. I do not want to eat. When meal time comes around, I get so cranky at the thought of that work out.  You can imagine with a device of that size, a lot of food is getting stuck before I even get to swallow it.  So far today, I have had nothing solid other than a slice of cheese, that not to be gross, I elected to spit out after I expended too much effort.

2. My mouth is very sore. I am already prone to canker sores, but when my braces are tightened I go through about 10 days of hell. Since the device has already been put in, I think I will have those ten days irregardless, so they are not really a factor.

3. My face is swollen. I was told this device would not be visible from the outside. It is now, but not sure if that is because my cheeks are so swollen from the sores. But, my face definitely looks different.

4. My speech is not clear. I am a speech pathologist and an aspiring blogger. Being intelligible is somewhat important to me.

So I ask you… what would you do? Would you suck it up for 18 months so that you could have proper jaw alignment? I wanted a beautiful smile. But part of the problem is that, my bite really wasn’t giving me any problems that I was aware of. I went to the orthodontist on my own to get straight teeth again, not by referral from a concerned dentist.  I don’t have strong motivation to be going through this. It isn’t like a diet where you get skinny as a result, or a marathon where you feel proud.  I have been told my two orthodontists and a friend who is a dentist that these bite issues could effect me later in life and I am wiser to get them resolved now.

But…. I miss eating. I am a chic who loves to eat. I have already lost weight and the thing has been in only a few days.

My goal is to keep this in 2 weeks until I can get used to chewing and speaking. This will also allow my canker sores to heal. At that point, if it still seems so grim I may elect to have it removed. From what I have read online, I won’t be alone. Oh, I also learned many people get this to avoid rubber bands. I thought I was one of them. But… I have rubber bands on my front teeth  in addition to this.

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July 2nd, 2010 at 11:24 am

I saw it in person and I think the one in your mouth looks significantly larger. Plus that picture doesn’t show that people have braces when they get this device. Add the rubber bands and you and your poor mouth are severely suffering. This picture does not do justice to what you are contending with. Good luck to you and I support you no matter what your decision is!


karen meyer

July 2nd, 2010 at 12:45 pm

Hi Amy, we could all tell you are in great pain. Since you are asking
for advice, I’m sure it will flow freely. Here are my two cents:
First of all, this is an old Hollywood syndrome (where the one
who gets popular for X reason, tries to improve on what they have–ask Heidi Montag). We, your Daystalk public grew fond
of you for just who you were, not some perfect human. Jabie
fell in love and married you and had 2 of the most beautiful, perfect children with you JUST BECAUSE you were you, no one
else. This is the same thing I told you about breast implants
(they are so heavy and uncomfortable, etc.,etc). EMBRACE
what and who you are. You have so many wonderful qualities:loyal, kind, good sense of humor, responsible, caring,
cute and twinkly, etc.
Frankly that sucker would be out in one hour or as soon as I
go tell my dentist to get it out that I CAN”T STAND it (see, the
type of person I am is DEMANDING and imperious, prone to
exaggerate and tries to manipulate.) Also, don’t let them give you that BS about “how much it cost” , 18 months of hell would not
be worth it in my book. Plus what if it caused you permanent
jaw pain, wouldn’t that be nice. Did you say I sound negative??
Just being realistic and showing the “other side of the coin”.
Best of luck to you and know that we will love you no matter
what you decide, it is your life and only yours.



July 2nd, 2010 at 2:17 pm

Wow, first of all, did you have that in when I came by the other day? I didn’t notice. I don’t remember what day that was. But then again I can’t remember what I did yesterday. Second, I was going to tell you to stick it out for the 2 weeks and celebrate small successes, but Karen is very convincing. I guess just don’t make any hasty decisions. If you still don’t know, wait until you do know. You will know when that is, without hesitation.

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