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Friday June 4, 2010 05:21

BP – “We’re Sorry” Campaign

by Jodi McLean  My sister was really fired up about this spot yesterday – I hadn’t seen it yet.  Tonya doesn’t actively watch the news or get emotionally involved in issues beyond her control, so I figured it must be something worth watching.   What is your reaction to this? My first thought is that BP’s [...]

by Jodi McLean This is not just a “principle” thing to me – it happened to my beloved Tigers.  Win or lose, no matter what my current zip code is, I will always, always be a Tigers fan. If you haven’t already seen this replayed a hundred times, here is ESPN’s John Anderson and Scott [...]

Thursday June 3, 2010 10:21

SHEva Amy Jet Sets to LA Charity Event

by Jodi McLean Amy has been busy packing and preparing for her trip to LA to attend the Days of our Lives Charity Event.  For those who don’t know, Amy and her hubby Jabie have a Days Fan website called Days Talk.  They blog about Days of our Lives episodes, events, theories, archives, characters, and [...]