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Key West Trip Recap

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by Jodi McLean

Me snorkeling at the reef

So, of course Key West was a blast with my four fun-lovin’ girlfriends.  I need to sleep for a week.  It was REALLY hot down there, so we spent a lot of daytime in the pool at the Eden House.  (Did you see us on the web cam?)   We walked a lot and everywhere.  Had lots of yummy food, met fun people, and saw some things that we can never unsee.  But, then again, we did willingly go to the Garden of Eden three times, so we brought that on ourselves.

Here are a couple of videos.  We love the Crazy Cat Guy at Mallory Square!  I told Lori (my crazy cat friend) about him all weekend, and then she missed the show when she and the girls wandered off at sunset.  Lori, here is a little taste of Crazy Cat Guy.  Some girl kept shouting “KITTEH” really loud at the cats…okay, that was me, but I was giving them some encouragement during the “ring of fire” portion!  (I get “kitteh” from the website I Can Has Cheezburger.  SO funny!  If you don’t know of it, you should check it out:  Click here  I Can Has Cheezburger)

And here is an I Can Has Cheezburger for you too!

A quick snorkeling video for you, also, since I’m downloading.  I was testing out my new waterproof camera that also takes HD video.  It was really wavey that day, so the vid is a bit herky-jerky.  But I’m digging my new 12MP Casio Exilim!

Lastly, a couple of pictures of the gang in Key West.  Themed accessories are key to any vacation or event!  I warn you, we are full-on into Birthday Season here in Florida.  We have a LOT of SHEva birthdays during the summer, each requiring its own theme.  Plenty more interesting group photos to come over the next few weeks.  The themes are usually pretty simple in concept but the embellishments never are!

Hat Night

Pink Night

 More from Key West later!


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