Saturday May 29, 2010 07:26

It’s Saturday! How Are You Going to Enjoy it?

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by Amy Plouf

Here is your assignment for today: go do something with the sole purpose of bringing you JOY!

Forget your to-do list for 1 hour and do something enjoyable.  I want you to have a smiling answer when someone asks you about your weekend on Monday.

You get extra points if you spend some of it outdoors. We just went to the duckpond. I think we spotted five different types of birds, including 8 ducklings! And turtles.

My fun task for the day….. Jabie and I will take turns going to the mall to get our last minute clothing items for our upcoming LA trip. We leave Thursday, YAY!

(PS- I think I will be spending a lot of time outdoors today because Jack has decided he wants to plant mazes and just approached me with packets of corn and sunflower seeds!)

Send us an email with photos of you enjoying your Saturday!

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