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How to Raise Kids Without Going Nuts and Actually Have Fun in the Process!

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by Amy Plouf

We struggle a lot with behavior around here . My husband and I are kind, nurturing parents who adore our children. We were raised by kind, nurturing parents who continue to adore us. When asked recently, both of our fathers reported that we were easy children to the best of their recollections.

But… the stork didn’t check in with our parents to make sure we were naughty or nice before bestowing our wild things upon us! After meeting with a developmental pediatrician the other day, we were told some kids just need more of a structured behavior plan than what we usually do as parents. And guess what? I happen to have those “some kids”! (At least God was kind enough to make them extra cute, smart, caring and affectionate to offset the gray I am accumulating by the hour).

As you know, I strongly believe in the Love and Logic system. I recommended it to my hairstylist, and at my haircut Tuesday we gabbed at length about how much we love it. Because it really works if you use it all the time. Consistency is really important, and a piece I need to focus more on. My running partner works in a classroom with preschoolers and she swears by: consistency, routine, and structure.

We are planning to embark on a summer of learning. Where we will take classes in behavior management and have assistance in forming a behavior management system. There are resources available in your community to help you if you are struggling with this. There is no shame in learning to be the best parent you can be!

Love and Logic also talks a lot about the role of chores in raising a well adjusted youngster. When checking out this parenting blog recently , I noticed they recommended The Better Behavior Wheel. I am planning to purchase this, and I will let you know how it works for our family. More info on that to follow. Want to make sure it is a good one before I share.

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