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Does Your Hairstyle Make You Look as Hot as You Can?

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by Amy Plouf

My hairstylist is a gifted woman. I have gone to her on and off since 1998. The off being when she worked in a really fancy salon. I get a little uncomfortable at those places that offer you wine and you have no idea who to tip. Anyhow, I always leave there looking way hotter then when  I left arrived. Today was no exception.

I have always had a fantasy of long luscious locks. A few times I have even grown my hair out.  I have a picture on my fridge of when I think I looked my best. I was blonde, had the rack of a new mama and long hair. My hair  was pulled back of course, since I do not have good long hair.  Over the years I have gone shorter and shorter to my current pixie cut. I am fortunate to have a man who not only prefers my hair this way, but is subtle about reminding me of this every time I try to grow out my hair and complain about how I look!

Here is the deal with long hair. In my opinion, unless you have really pretty, full hair you should cut it short to at least a bob.  I am talking the kind of hair that looks pretty good air dried and you can pull it up and down no problem. My hair is so fine, it would take a mountain of hairspray to stay up. Then if my head started hurting mid-day I was too invested to pull it back down.

I am an active chick. I garden and run, both of which require a shower as soon as completing. And sometimes I do these tasks midday, which means I already showered in the am. Do I really want to style my hair 3x a day?

But the real point is, do you look good? I still fantasize about having the long blonde locks that Cameron Diaz sported in Mask.  But I look better more consistently this way. Sure when my hair was long it may have looked better in certain photos, when I just spent an hour on it. But for the day in and day out, short has the better track record.

Be bold, go out there and get a cute summer do. See how easy your summer is. How liberating it is! How many compliments you get.

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May 25th, 2010 at 12:27 pm

Love it! I should post photos of my many, many, many hairstyles and colors and lengths. Maybe we should both do that?! That might be fun!

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