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Female Dating Perspectives

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by Jodi McLean

Baggage Much?

I attended a lovely Ladies Lunch with Mom and her friends this week.  Mom is involved in several community groups.  This was a luncheon with a fashion show, featuring “Mother of the Bride” dresses.  Naturally, it came up that I am a single daughter, and the news spread rapidly throughout the room.

Our table started discussing dating at various stages of life.  I shared my stories of dating conundrums, most of them coming down to finding a quality man with a decent job and motivation.  I accept that most single men my age will probably have an ex-wife and a child or two at this point.  A 50-something woman chimed in with her story of dating and finding a man that her teenage son would accept for his Mom.  Our single octogenarian friend then offered that the men she is meeting were all looking for a woman to be his nurse.

I guess there will always be dealbreakers.


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Nicole Bruce

May 21st, 2010 at 7:37 am

I’m telling you…internet dating is the way to go. Yes, you may have to weed through a million guys and yes they may send you matches that would not match with you in a million years….but you are only looking for one right? It’s a process.

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