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GIGONOMICS: Be a Gigger, Like Me!

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by Jodi McLean


I woke up to see a story on Gigonomics on one of the morning shows the other day, and watched, fascinated.  I realized that I am already living this trend!  (Kind of like the “mullet.”  When you had one, you didn’t know that there was actually a name for it.)

Amy and I did a video post on Gigonomics, which will be posted soon. 

The earliest mention that I can find of the new term “Gigonomics” was September 2009 in the Denver Post.  Click here for the link to the article.  I don’t know if the Post earns credit for coining the term, but it’s as far back as my research goes for the new word.

I know a lot of my friends are out there looking for full-time jobs.  But, are full-time jobs an antiquated way of thinking?  I am going to do a series of posts around “Gigging.”  “Gig” has a musical background – bands book “gigs” instead of shows.  So, think of multiple jobs, or gigs, as a way to earn income, rather than vying for a limited amount of available full-time careers.  Maybe it won’t turn out to be your thing, but it’s a good way to earn money until you find what you are looking for. 

I am a full-time, part-time employee for many employers.  This has worked well for me after losing my full-time career after 11 years with the same company.  I thought of it as a means to get through a bump in my career path, but as I do more and more gigs, I am finding that I LOVE GIGGING!  Every project is a new and exciting challenge, and it is broadening my experiences like no full-time job ever could.  I am making new friends and meeting important new career contacts with each gig.  And, as I start to feel my way with the new stream of income and make adjustments with my finances and tax preparation, I hope to find that gigging will free up my schedule so I can enjoy more down time and work on my SHE blog.

More to come on Gigonomics.  I welcome the input of other Giggers – both positive experiences and struggles you have had as we find our way gigging together.  We can help each other along the way and build a network of Giggers!

I am inviting a Guest SHEva Blogger, William, to share his gigging experiences in South Florida.  Watch for William’s Guest Post, coming soon.

While we are talking about employment, this post is worth a revisit – Resume 101 and how to get the job you want in today’s market!  Click here.


2 Responses to GIGONOMICS: Be a Gigger, Like Me!


Robin Lavitch

May 14th, 2010 at 5:34 am

What a fascinating term! Love the concept…..and I learned something new. I just had a meeting with a friend of mine yesterday and we were talking about how employers will now offer ‘consulting’ positions where they won’t have to offer full time hours or benefits in order to reduce their overhead costs. Gigonomics aptly describes this. This is certainly a great way to test the waters with many opportunitites.


Mister D.

January 8th, 2013 at 3:26 am

Sorry to drag up something old, but the first time I came across this word it had a completely different definition (the article linked is from April 2009), but the definition you’ve written about seems to be more prevalent. Technically it’s the same definition, just different contexts I guess.


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