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Gigonomics – Get Giggy With It!

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by Jodi McLean & Amy Plouf

Click here to watch ABC’s Good Morning America, which introduced me to “Gigonomics” earlier this week.

GMA suggests that you consider/do the following things, if you are thinking of becoming a Gigger:

  • You must have exceptional time management skills.
  • Get a legal pad and write down every single skill that you have, even if you’ve never been paid for it before.  Woodworking?  Budget balancing?  Yard work?  Babysitting?  Consulting?  Everything in every aspect of your life that you consider yourself good at.  (Including dangling participles.)
  • I will add my own consideration:  Must be a self-starter/self-motivater!   You need to be a go-getter who is willing to get up in the morning at the crack of dawn, even if you aren’t on a schedule.  You have to make yourself a schedule and create timely goals to keep yourself on track.

More to come on the SHE Gigonomics Series.  We always welcome your input and comments, and especially your relevant, topical stories or experiences!

-Amy & Jodi

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William Shapton

May 18th, 2010 at 7:53 am

Jodi and Amy! I loved your youtube cast! Very inspiring and so relevant. Times have changed significantly and it’s all about adapting. And why not do what truly makes you happy? Anything is possible if you just apply yourself to what you truly want! But just remember, PATIENCE & PERSISTENCE ARE THE KEYS TO YOUR SUCCESS! Never give up on your dreams! “It” will happen if you want “it” to happen…
May the force be with you! William Shapton

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