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Dear Will Power… Where Do You Go at 6 pm?

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by Amy Plouf

This is a great article How to Keep Going. Three Ps: pacing, pushing, prioritizing.

Recently I began to feel overwhelmed by all that I wanted to achieve. I took a page from the Flylady (you must check her out, we will get more into her another day). She encourages baby steps, establishing one routine at a time. So I made a list of all the things I wanted and made a point to only focus on one each day, then when it was either a task accomplished or a routine behavior, I could add the next.  I call them my Daily Focus. I started 4/26/10 and I am enjoying it so far. They can be easy like buying a wax paper holder like my mom has (it makes it so easy not to have a mess in the microwave) or hard like making it a habit not to interrupt so much.

This Daily Focus has been so successful with me, I started it with the kids.  I want to instill good habits and behaviors one step at a time.  I have discovered they do really well with a small amount to focus on! Duh!

I asked Days of our Lives star, Molly Burnett, how she stays motivated to eat right and exercise even after long hours on the set. Here is her response:

Ooh I think it comes down to two things: I’m realy stubborn so I’ll make my tired butt work out, and I love to eat. So the healthy trade off is I get to eat whatever I want (including pizza and candy) I just have to work out. Shelley(Hennig, also of Days) and I love cardio barre, which helps with the whole motivation thing.

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May 6th, 2010 at 3:58 pm

I miss you Amy!! I have been so busy, we haven’t had time to do a dual video post. I LOVE THE RESET BUTTON!! I’m totally going to use that. Great suggestion.

I hope we can get some consistency back next week. We are still BFFs, don’t worry, fellow SHEvas!




May 7th, 2010 at 11:15 am


Yeh! Flylady is great and I love your “Reset” button ! Looking forward to reading more on this topic.

The Fly lady has a mantra – “Progress Not Perfection”. I keep it written on my white board in the study. It reminds me that doing little things at a time will get me where I want to go — and it is ok to reprioritize and make a conscious plan.


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