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How to Get a Better Job in Today’s Market

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by Jodi McLean

Job hunting sure isn’t what it used to be.  I haven’t had to look for a job or hand out a resume in over a decade.  You know what?  It’s EASIER THAN IT USED TO BE!   We are more connected than ever!  We can be more expedient and way more creative and industrious than a decade before.  So, approach the process positively and know that you have a LOT of resources at your fingertips.

First step:


  • Update your resume, right now.  I don’t care if you are employed or unemployed.  And keep it updated.  You should always, always have a current resume.  That way, if you ever need it, you can act immediately and you don’t have an overwhelming task in front of you.  It will empower you.
  • Craft your resume for today.  Two-page resumes are now a standard; none of this “one-page overview” crap.  Tell prospective employers what you’ve done and why they need you.  I spent several weeks with a Life Coach who helped me craft a fabulous resume – well worth my money and time.  (Shout out to the lovely & talented Robin Lavitch!  I know, I still have your Entreuprener book!!)  Besides suggesting a lot of great words and a good-looking template that is easily downloadable to sites like Linked In, talking through the process made me feel really good about my accomplishments.  If you’ve never thought of hiring a Life Coach, consider it.  If you are down and discouraged, a Life Coach will get you into a positive and proactive mind frame.   If you can’t afford a Life Coach (they are not cheap!  but again – worth it!) get busy on the internet.  There are a ton of websites that can help you.  I just like the personal interaction more for me, and talking through things + getting a different perspective really evolved my resume into one that  I am very proud of.
  • Resumes should be written for today’s technology.  Find the “buzz words” for your career field.  What kind of personality traits or experience are employers in your category looking for?  Create a bullet-point Summary right after your personal information with those buzz words so that employers doing a word search on the internet will find your resume.  (I use a Summary with buzz words rather than an Objective.  If you decide you want to put an Objective instead, be precise.  Do you want part-time or full-time work?  Do you want to stay local or travel?  ie.  “Seeking a full-time job in Social Media Marketing in the Tampa Bay area.”  Or “Seeking a part-time creative writing job, willing to travel.”)
  • Keep your work and personal contacts close.  Sign up for every social website available to you, and befriend everybody you’ve ever known or had some sort of interaction with throughout your life.   And for God’s sake, be positive on those websites!  Employers will find you and look at your pages.  If you are negative, or inappropriate, or use foul language, or post questionable photos, or do anything that wouldn’t be acceptable in front of your Boss, do not post it! 
  • Once your resume is done, download it on Linked In.  Once on Linked In, make contact with everybody that you come across that you know, or who is in a similar career field.  Ask all of your close contacts for recommendations.  Build that Linked In page, and then put the link on your resume!   Click here to see mine, for reference.   It is a work in progress, as is my resume. 
  • Your resume is a living document.  Don’t ever consider it “finished.”  You should always consider ways to modify it for the times and current technology, or to add new talents and experience that you gain with each day.
  • I don’t have my address on my resume anymore – just the town I live in.  I use the extra space for my Linked In address.  So many people work from home, or work remotely that a physical address just isn’t necessary anymore.

Click here for just one of thousands of websites that I found to help you build your resume and beyond.  It also has interview tips, etc. 

There is so much to write about searching for a job!  You really must be creative to stand-out.  But, don’t get cute with your resume.  You can be clever by using creative/descript/action words, but stick with the template.  How you get creative is by getting your resume in front of people for them to read.  Don’t get caught up with the resume ”gatekeeper” – usually the receptionist who receives the mail, or the PR Dept.  I have fun & unique ways to bypass those people.  Please comment on this blog if you are stuck, and I will personally help you brainstorm.  I don’t want to post my ideas on here, because then everybody will know my tricks, and who knows?  We may be competing for the same job someday.

Good luck in your search for the PERFECT JOB!  We should all love what we do, since we spend so much of our life doing it!  Right?  Right.  Now get to work on the resume.

Robin Lavitch - Life Coach

 How to reach Robin: or (727) 776-7766


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Robin Lavitch

May 12th, 2010 at 3:52 am

Great information Jodi! You’re the master at leveraging all the avenues to find the perfect career. Knowing what you love do and what you’re good at makes all the difference in focusing your energies to finding a better job. Opportunities exist everywhere if you know what you’re looking for! Jodi it’s fabulous that you’re sharing your tips and tricks to help others. I’ve used your resume (without contact information) as an example of before and after once you highlighted your accomplishments and personality. You have a killer resume!



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