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The Difference Between Men and Women

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by Amy Plouf and Jodi McLean

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April 28th, 2010 at 3:25 pm

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Nicole Bruce

April 28th, 2010 at 9:59 pm

I have read both books and I have to say that “Mars and Venus” was good for when I was in a relationship and “He’s Just Not that Into You” helped me when I was just dating. Nobody teaches a class in communication with your mate…if they did then it would have a waiting list for 5+ years! My boyfriend and I have a relationship coach and the most important thing that we have learned is that we are just different people and that is what attracts us to one another…we would be bored if we were exactly the same! When you are in a loving relationship, you are not always going to agree with that person and if you are your own person then you will have your own views. The important thing is to allow that other person to have their views as well and not try to micro-manage one another’s lives. Embrace the differences and try to learn from them…and above all ALWAYS communicate your feelings…even if it turns into a heated conversation…just think how much more heated it would be after stewing about it for a few days!

As far as the “He’s just not that into you”…the book is true…women tend to cheapen themselves and believe that it is her wrong doing if things go South or make excuses for him to her friends if he has to be somewhere without communications! Men are cowards and never want to see a woman cry. Thus, the text mssg/email breakup…what is important for women to remember is that SHE is her own power and SHE is the only one that can decide when SHE will achieve her own closure. God has a much bigger plan for all of us that we can not see, so take his signs and move on sista…there are plenty of fish in the sea!



April 29th, 2010 at 6:15 am

I think sometimes women overanalize everything! We nit pick until everything we had was picked apart. My theory? Women don’t want to be alone, we find a man that’s single-kind of qualifies for our list of “needs and wants” then we mold ourselves into this dream woman for him. We make this man our “dream guy”. Then we are pissed when he doesn’t turn out to be everything we ever dreamed of. Men on the other hand, they will live with their parents till they are 30. They will wait until that perfect woman comes along-dating and breaking hearts the way. Then when they find that perfect person, they don’t wait, they throw themselves all in and commit to it. Until then, if that “dream guy” comes along and he doesn’t treat you right and you keep trying to convince yourself that he likes you but he’s just playing “the game” stop fooling yourself. He’s just not that into you…… I have tried turning the tables and being a man in this respect :) I think I will be happier in the long run!



May 4th, 2010 at 2:25 pm

Wow – I have some thoughts on the man/women thing but will try to put some consideration before posting.

what made me jump in with comment – how long it takes to get over a break up. I have a child brand new to 18 years old- hard to believe. she has never been in love but it will come. i consider the advice i will need to impart – or just shoulder to cry on?

Your thoughts made me go YIKES!!

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