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Why Choose a CSA?

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Do you ever learn about something, then hear about it 5 times in the next few days?

I was at the dentist the other day and read an article about CSAs, Community Supported Agriculture. Later that same day, I saw a segment on an exercise channel (maybe Fit TV?) about a CSA. I have been meaning to get to the Farmer’s Market pretty much every Saturday of my life. I love it there, but it just never seems to happen. So… maybe CSA is the way to go. I also read somewhere (sorry about all the vagueness) recently about the benefits to eating seasonal fruits and vegetables for a healthy weight and diet. The Macrobiotic Diet is all about that. It makes sense, eat watermelon in the summer when you need hydration, etc.

Read this blog post “Six Reasons to Love a CSA

This is something I plan to investigate further. I have wanted to go green for awhile. I also have a real fondness for anything I can order online. Because I myself get a little green when taking my two small children shopping. It frightens me that 23% of children get their daily vegetable intake via french fries. My son is excellent about vegetables, but my daughter could easily fall into that statistic. At the age where they love mail and packages, this might be a fun way to perk up their excitement about veggies, and learn some new recipes too.


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