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Simple ways to start Living “Green.”

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My First 3 Steps

by Jodi McLean

April is Earth Month.  We all want to help save the planet, but most of us don’t know how.  Information overload.  Chemicals, recycling, water shortages (how is this possible on a planet that is mostly water?)   How can I take that first step?

Recycling should be easy.  In the town that I live in, it really isn’t.   We don’t have a recycling program.  Supposedly, the waste management plant in our town goes through our garbage and hand-picks the plastic & glass bottles out before sending the “earth friendly” stuff to the landfill.  I’m skeptical.  I still feel pangs of guilt throwing away my multitudes of plastic water bottles.   There’s another thing – plastic water bottles.  Are they really toxic?  What to believe?   How do we live healthy without proper education?

I had the opportunity to visit the corporate HQ of the Method company in San Francisco a few years ago.  (Shout out to founders Adam & Eric!!  Great article on them and Method’s corporate philosophy, click here)  I got a crash course in “green living.”  (My favorite part of the tour was when we all put one of their earth-friendly packing peanuts in our mouths and let it dissolve.  They take “green” to the max!)  Their products really are wonderful and visually enticing with creative and earth-friendly packaging.  I still buy Method products when I can.   Their “Squeaky Green” book asks you questions like “Would you eat off your floor?”  “Do any of the bottles under your sink contain anything that’s drinkable without having to go immediately to the emergency room afterward?”  and “Do you like to inhale while you clean?”  They tout that certain smells that you think mean “clean” really aren’t.

Like bleach.  I swear by bleach, as does my Mom.  The smell of bleach = clean.  Right?   I am now reading directly from the label on my bottle of bleach.  It says in big red letters:  “DANGER:  CORROSIVE.”    “Hazards to humans and domestic animals.”    ”Call a poison control center or doctor for treatment advice.”


Jodi’s STEP 1: Rid my house of its “chemical dependency.”  I recommend Method cleaning products, available in most stores, and I am also buying from a green catalouge company that I love.  More on that to come.  The direct-from-the-manufacturer catalogue company also has household cleaning products, as well as vitamins, skin & body care, food/exercise supplements, pet supplies, and more, with a wonderful corporate philosophy and mission.  That will all be in an upcoming post.

Jodi’s Step 2: Turn off lights, TV and ceiling fans when I leave the room.  I’m also aware that turning off my computer at night will save me approximately $10 a month on my electric bill, so I am going to make a conscious effort to do that.  It really doesn’t take that long to boot up in the morning.

Jodi’s Step 3: Adjust my thermostat when I leave the house for extended periods of time.  When I go to work, turn the A/C off.  I will leave it just comfortable enough for my pets.

There.  That’s not so overwhelming.  It’s a good start.  Please post your other simple suggestions to save our planet and live healthier lives!   Let’s do it together a few steps at a time.


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