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New Job/ Dream Job/ ANY Job!

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By Jodi McLean

Job search continues.  Being unemployed sure isn’t easy, but you have to face it like a full-time job.  No time to sit around and wait for something to present itself to me, I’m calling on everyone I know for any opportunity, at this point.  Fortunately, I’ve made hundreds of amazing connections over the years and a lot of people have my back.  I’m lucky to have many, many wonderful & talented friends!!

The interview that I spoke about a couple of weeks ago DID turn out to be fruitful!  I have another part-time gig, which (fingers crossed) could develop into full-time, if I make myself indispensible.  Which I will.

The commercial production jobs came quickly and furiously, and just like that they were done.  I’m waiting for the next wave and I hope that I’ve proven myself within that tight circle.  I’m rather enjoying having the opportunity to try different things and looking for my dream job.  Which I may have found already…we’ll see. 

Is anybody out there struggling to find a job?  I’d like to hear your story.  I may have to come up with a check list of things one can do.  My top objective is never to say I don’t know how to do something.  If somebody asks me if I can ___(fill in blank)___ I say “Yes!” and then I learn how to do it by researching the hell out of it on the internet.  Be industrious and be courageous.  You can do anything!

And baseball season is underway!!  A group of us attended the home opener for the Tampa Bay Rays last night and they were victorious!  Somebody on facebook said “every baseball team should win their home opener!”  A-MEN!  Go Rays!!


Rays SHEvas

Rays Victory - home opener

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