Monday April 5, 2010 07:48

SHEva Music Playlist Recommendation 4.5.10

Posted by admin

I came across this song on my MP3 player last week while I was power-walking.  The BPMs were perfect to keep me in stride, and the words of the song made me feel sexy!  I had an extra bounce (and maybe even flounce?) in my step for 3+ minutes.   I’m pretty convinced that other walkers in the park or on the beach must think that I’m on something, because I’m usually dance-walking and mouthing the words to whatever song I’m listening to.  I might even be singing out loud, which is unfortunate for those around me – especially considering I have ear phones on and don’t know how loud or off-key I am singing…

I pronounce this song by the Bodyrockers, “I Like the Way You Move,” to be SHEva-licious and definitely down-load worthy.


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