Friday April 2, 2010 10:15

SHEva Music Playlist recommendation #3

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A little background. You know Jabie and I met in an orchestra. The neat part is that Jabie did not start playing the cello until he was 36 years old. One of his employees was designing a video game with cello music. Jabie was so mesmorized he had to know what instrument was producing that sound. Immediately he bought a cello and started taking lessons with two teachers. He was in the Orchestra within a year.

Fast forward to 2009. I was in the car with my kids when I hear this song. I felt the same connection. I wanted to own this. But I forgot the name of the artist and title. After spending a day scouring the internet, I emailed Jabie’s cello teacher and described as much as I could. An amazing man he is. He did not guess exactly, but within the same CD! I now want to learn the cello too. That is what I like to think a long range goal for 2010-11. I hope you feel it too!


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