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SHEva Music Playlist recommendation #1

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Okay, I know this song seems trite. It’s the anthem of the 80′s. The message is obvious and maybe a bit cliche. BUT this song is empowering and uplifting and positive, and every time it comes on the SHE Cast sings it out loud in public places with no shame! I’m thinking this should be the SHEva theme song. If you don’t have “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey on your playlist, your playlist is sorely lacking! Turn it up – you know you know the words! Sing it out loud and mean it! (Plus, Detroit can use some shout outs these days.)

Here are a couple of photos of the SHE Cast singing “Don’t Stop Believing” (DSB for short)┬áin various scenarios. I have a lot of “DSB” photos.


DSB Tailgate - aka "Beer Bottle Karaoke"

DSB Undertow - Jeanette's B-day

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