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I’m Freee! And Employed! (this week…)

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By Jodi McLean

Wow, SHE Wants It All is almost a month old.  Amy – we should celebrate this weekend! 

I have SO many reasons to celebrate today – I am elated!  I had my post-nose surgery follow up this morning, and all of that crazy packing and the stints and stitches were removed and (maybe I’m just getting an oxygen overdose) but I feel euphoric!  Being congested is not only suffocating, but also makes me anxious and claustraphobic.  I’m freeeeeeee!!

Also, I apologize for not posting the last two days.  I had an amazing opportunity, which kept me busy for 3 straight 10-14 hour days.  I hardly had time to sleep!   Lori and I did wardrobe for a national Pepsi commercial, in partnership with Major League Baseball.   This is a great resume builder, and I’m so excited to update my Linked-In page!   (Another funny moment last night after we wrapped – Lori and I were having a celebratory cocktail at the Green Iguana in Tampa, and I asked her if she had a “Linked-In” profile.  She said no, and then asked “is there farming on there?”   Lori is addicted to that crazy Farmville on Facebook.  Seriously?  When did Lori become cyber-Amish?  Hey! Cyber-Amish is a great oxymoron!)  Anyway, I digress.  I have now been involved in two large, national commercial productions with Pepsi and Verizon within one month, so I guess I’m on the map in the freelance production world!  I will post the You Tube links once the commercials debut.

SHEvas Lori & Jodi with baseball cuties during Pepsi shoot

Wardrobe Team with a Featured Player - base runner

I have also been texting and e-mailing a recent “match” from a dating website this week. We are going to try to meet up over the weekend.  Normally, I wouldn’t be texting for this many days, but I didn’t want my first phone impression to be when I was recovering from my nose surgery and couldn’t pronouce the letter “M.”   Will keep you posted.  I must remember not to give him the link to this blog…gotta maintain some sense of mystery! 

I have some catching up to do on SHE, so I will try to put up some posts over the weekend.   Happy holiday weekend to those who celebrate!


Got Pants?

SHEva Lori makes a new friend

Yerrr Out!

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SHEva Lori

April 13th, 2010 at 11:35 am

For the record I have a Linked In Page..however I rarely go there or update it (I know bad) because it’s boring and there is no farming..LOL

Just wanted to set the record straight!

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