Tuesday March 30, 2010 19:26

Pepsi and The Bood

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By Jodi McLean

The Booood!

Funny moment coming over the Howard Frankland bridge tonight, returning home from working a production gig with Lori all day in Tampa.  The full moon was rising over Tampa Bay when Lori called me – she was ahead of me on the bridge.  I wanted to be sure she saw the HUGE moon rising up behind us and reflecting off the water, so I tried to tell her to look at the moon in my Fozzie Bear post-surgery stuffed up voice, and it kept coming out “look at the bood!   (Lori: The what?)  The booood!”   Maybe you had to be there, but it was pretty funny to us.  I tried to share the story with Mom later, but it kinda got lost in translation. 

WHAT A LONG DAY!  10 hours prepping for tomorrow’s Pepsi commercial shoot.  I swear we had 200 boxes of wardrobe and props to unbox, organize and re-load into a truck…I’m exhausted.  Found a cool quote in the fortune cookie I got in my lunch today, though, so I will add that to our notable quotes.  Plus, the job has suddenly become a three-day project instead of two, so WOO HOO!!   Meeting a lot of cool people during these new production gigs, too.  It’s all good.

I’m going to crawl to bed now – hope to have some good pics for you tomorrow!   We will be rubbing elbows with some current MLB players. 

And, I hope you get a chance to check out the bood from where you are tonight.  It’s rather amazing.

G’ night,


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