Monday March 29, 2010 15:02

Annoyed but Accomplished

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By Jodi McLean

Today was a day of accomplishments.  And minor annoyances.

I am day four post-nose surgery.  Amy and I did a new video post today (Accomplishment!) and I unveiled my new hair via video, plus my temporary silly speaking voice due to my nose being packed with surgical stuff.  Today I feel human again, and I think the anesthesia is pretty much out of my system, which really just makes me more aware of how uncomfortable my nose is (Annoyance!)   Friday I get the stitches, packing and splint removed.  That sounds like nothing but a good time.  Dear God help me.  Meanwhile, still a little nauseous and dizzy at times.  I hope I didn’t push too hard today…but this SHEva needs some moolah.

More Accomplishments: 

  • Unemployment filed for first 2 weeks of March (easy!) 
  • 2009 Tax information sent, in-full, to my accountant. 
  • Made phone call regarding COBRA.  I still don’t have the info to file – I think that is ridiculous 3 weeks after the fact!!   Don’t they want my money?   It’s not like they are giving insurance away, sheesh.  They’re going to make a killing off me. 
  • First day at new P/T consulting job, which wasn’t supposed to start until April 7.  I’m starting to feel a bit “in demand!”  Hooray!

Tomorrow I start another two-day gig doing wardrobe for a Pepsi/MLB commercial with Lori (see SHE Cast.)  Sounds like it is going to be crazy-hectic.  I’d better get lots of sleep and put on my big-girl panties tomorrow because it isn’t going to be an easy day.  Especially day five post-surgery.  I hope my ENT isn’t reading this.  But the project sounds like a blast, so I will power through!!   Hope to have some cool pics once the shoot is finished on Wednesday, which I will be sure to post.

Must get busy creating a template for my new consultation job.  Looks like I will be working until bedtime, which is a good thing!!  I am grateful for the work and for the many friends and contacts I have made over the years.   We sure all take care of each other.

I can’t wait to appreciate inhaling through my nose again, too.   Three-and-a-half more days of Fozzie Bear impressions and chapped lips.



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