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Back on Track

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I have run 4 days in a row. So excited to be back on track (no pun intended). Today was really hard yet really inspiring.

There is a woman in our Forerunner’s Track Club, who is super elite. Read more about her here. This is a chic I would not on any normal day be running with. Her walking speed beats my running some days ( and I am not joking). But unfortunately, she fell and broke her elbow a few months back. After two surgeries she is still recovering. You wouldn’t think you need your elbow to run, but you pretty much do.

So here is another moment from The Secret. Can you tell I am hooked on this book? Ask and you shall receive. I said to myself Saturday that I really needed to focus on my long runs to keep a faster pace. I also thought I should think about running with some of the club’s faster folks. That night my friend Cindy calls to inform me we will be running with Mary Ann. Mary Ann is like Madonna she is that good. She doesn’t need a last name. I waited for Cindy to clarify what other Mary Ann she could mean. She instead explained that with the injury Mary Ann was still recovering and it would be fine. I had my doubts. These elites don’t seem to ever need to recover.

So off we went. By mile 3 or 4 I knew I was in trouble. Cindy and I started looking for fast runners to pawn Mary Ann off on. But she kept returning to us out of loyalty. We assured her it was FINE.

In the end I ran 13 miles. And hard. There was none of the occasional walking. We kept a brisk pace. I came home and collapsed. Died. Was useless all day. But… I still hope she might be around next weekend. Because how often do you get a chance to get motivated by an elite in your field?

Push yourself! You will thank yourself later!

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March 29th, 2010 at 4:55 am


Very good! You have inspired me to a focus on my exercise goals all week! I would be proud to walk three miles right now. As far as I am concerned – you are already one of the elites!

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