Friday March 26, 2010 18:11

To Romp or Not to Romp

Posted by admin

I am thinking I like these adult rompers for Spring. ¬†Earlier this week I did hear a morning talk show mocking them, but that really doesn’t influence me. The man speaking doesn’t seem like my target audience anyhow!

A romper might just be an garment meant for my body. I mean this seems like it would show off my favorite parts: ¬†my shoulders and legs while hiding my post baby belly. I like to say post baby belly as if I had some kind of washboard before! Thank you Jodi for being kind enough not to pipe in with the truth! Hah! Best of all… this appears to be a piece designed for those of us smaller busted ladies.

So weigh in please. Should I leave the rompers to Paloma(who did sport one today)? Or is this a trend you could buy into?


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