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A.I. Chatter

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By Jodi McLean

Let’s talk American Idol!  David, if you are out there, I MISS THE RAGING CRITIC!

I have 3 faves this season and maybe two other people that I would ever pay to listen to again, meaning buy their albums or see them in concert.  The others, I can only take one song at a time and I’m either bored, or annoyed.  I hardly think that this year’s talent is “the best ever.”

I love Siobhan and Crystal.  Big Mike makes me all warm and fuzzy and he’s made me cry twice now, plus he’s from my town of St. Petersburg, FL.  (I swear I’ve seen him out and about…)

Tonya and I rewound Siobhan’s performance of “Paint It Black” (from last week) at least 10 times.  Her singing gave us chills, but I have to give props to the AI production crew for the directing, the camera shots and the lighting cues because the whole performance and production value was awe-inspiring!  It’s hard to believe that it was shot live.

I also like little Aaron with the big twangy voice and Didi is growing on me.   She fell into the “annoying voice” category until last week, and then suddenly she kind of clicked with me.  Even this week when the judges were relatively harsh.  I thought she did a great job with “You’re No Good.”  And Casey is okay, but I don’t know that I could listen to a whole album.  The rest…eh.

What is the appeal of Lee??  I just don’t get it.  He sounds like he sings through his nose, to me.

My all-time favorite Idol contestant was Adam Lambert, and I have been watching since Season One.  Friends and family know not to call our house on Tuesdays & Wednesdays during prime time.  Dad will still call after the show ends to get Tonya’s and my feedback on the performances.  Sometimes Mom does too.

Who are your faves?


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March 26th, 2010 at 1:18 pm

I like, in this order: Siobhan, Crystal, Didi, Mike, Aaron. My only really big disappointment has been that they called “This Woman’s Work” a Maxwell song (I’m a die hard kate Bush fan and she wrote in).

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