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Working at The Most Magical Place on Earth.

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By Jodi McLean

Production Team SHEvas - me, Arielle, Lori & Nicole

Only two weeks into my unemployed status (and before I even get my first check from the Govt.) and I landed my first gig.  Thanks to friends in the freelance production biz (Nicole & Lori – see “SHE Cast”) I became a Wardrobe Assist for a national commercial!   Also made some cool new friends that I hope to add to the SHE cast soon.  (Michelle & Arielle, I’m talking to you!)   Production folks work LONG, HARD hours.  It may seem glamorous, but we were far from that.  Having worked in live TV for 11 years, it’s interesting to watch post-produced content come together.  I’m assuming we shot a 30-second commercial over the course of two days.  When the spot comes out, I will proudly tell you that I was part of it!

Here are a few behind-the-scenes photos:


Nicole & I are up and on set before the sun

Behind the camera

100 extras and prop balloons

Me and the prop balloons after we wrapped

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