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Kerrie the Warrior (& My Hero!)

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By Jodi McLean

As I drink coffee on a Sunday morning (love coffee!) I’m thinking about life & Kerrie.  It’s time for you to meet her.  Kerrie is an amazing spirit.  One of those people who comes into your life for a reason and never lets go.  She has a powerful life force and radiates love & energy.   I think Kerrie is an Angel.

Kerrie & I met at the University of Michigan during orientation in 1986.  We bonded for that weekend, and then found each other living on the same hall in the same dorm on the first day of Freshman Year.  Our friendship was meant to be!   We’ve kept in touch (sometimes sporadically) over the years, but always maintained a connection.  At the age of 37, Kerrie was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She has since endured a double-mastectomy, and recently the cancer re-emerged and took residence in her brain and lymph system.

Don’t ever “feel sorry” for breast cancer Warriors.  These women are Tigresses who love and fight with astounding ferocity.  Kerrie maintains her positivity, her hope, and her fighting spirit.  Don’t get me wrong, she goes through her times when she needs motivation and friends/family surrounding her.  Of course she does.  But she is empowered, and in turn, she empowers her circle of friends.  I just want you to know her.  Send her positive energy and love, as she continues to bless this world with her beautiful spirit!  She & I want to share stories and adventures until our hair turns (fully) grey.  And that’s the way it should be.  I love you Kerrie!


Jodi & Kerrie in FL 2009

Kerrie & Jodi in Michigan 2008

Kerrie rocking her blonde alter ego during the 2007 funky wig phase!

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