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I’m an Unemployed Blogger!

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By Jodi McLean

As my very first post, I should tell you that I recently joined the ranks of the unemployed.  After 11 years with the same company.  Let’s just call it “corporate downsizing.”  That’s what I prefer to say, anyway…  I found that losing my job was quite empowering.  I don’t want to be negative about Corporate America, but I don’t really think it’s for me. I lost my creativity and my energy and found that it all came back in multitudes once I had my time back in my own hands. 

Today, my Dad and I put down tile in the dining room and we will lay laminate in the living room by the end of this month.  (I am getting mixed feedback on laminate with my pets – 2 medium-sized dogs and a diabetic cat.  What’s your take?)  I have also found the time to check many things off of my growing to-do list that I never had time actually ”to-do.”  While I look for my next career opportunity, I am taking back my life again.  I’m so energized and inspired!!!

I am VERY lucky to have an amazing supporting cast, many of whom you will meet along the way.  (Credit to my dear friend Kerrie for the term “supporting cast.”  I am absolutely a member of hers!)   So, I feel confident and courageous as I strive to have it all.  I already have a partially new floor!  YAY!

Dad (Ron) installing the new tile

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